I was just thinking about LBJ-Day and how to describe its strange mix of emotions.  I’ve tried two times now to no avail.  Then it occurred to me that the concoction was what Cameron Crowe calls, “happy/sad.”  That made sense to me.  And not many are better at conveying that kind of bittersweet happiness than Cameron Crowe. […]


The Heatles have broken up so I guess that makes Anderson Varejao the new Yoko Ono. No, not really, but in a strange twist of fate, Cleveland is now the new Chosen One. I wouldn’t normally post pictures this high up on the TMZ scale, but this is a special case.  I don’t know what it […]


A gentleman going by the name of Kyle Wagner published some bullshit on Deadspin recently about D.Wade being D.ead. Here’s the name’s face: His article is getting a lot of attention, but Kyle’s analysis is fundamentally flawed and, I suspect, purposely deceitful.  Careful deception should probably be expected when you’re reading a hit piece about a Heat player tagged: CRYAMI WEAKS. The most […]

Heat Cavaliers Basketball

It was worth the wait.  Many were complaining about how long LeBron was taking to make a decision, and he couldn’t have ended the speculation in a better way. I’m floored.  Speechless.  Gobsmacked. And that’s even when I expected it to happen.  But apparently there is a difference between expecting something to happen and it actually happening. […]


Remember Michael Jordan’s comeback announcement? LeBron should go with: “LeBack.” But that’s just me. In any case, I think a return to Cleveland is happening.  There’s just too much Akron smoke.  And it just makes too much sense.  Irving is so young and so talented and locked up for the long term.  Wiggins is even […]

Novak Djokovictory

Fans are never going to give this guy any love.  He’s won 7 slams, but each arena was rooting for his opponent in all of those matches.  There was no better example of that than what was going on at the All England Club yesterday for the Wimbeldon Championships. As they usually do at Wimby, the fans put […]

A Bird in the hand...

It might be a little unfair to Julius Erving, but when most people talk about the best small forwards of all time they usually bring up two names – Larry Bird and LeBron James. Yes, Dr. J had an enormous impact on the game, so he deserves all the recognition in the world for that. […]