Nah man, nah.

The Thunder do not rely on Durant to also be their best defender, best passer and best rebounder. They have other players they rely on for that.

The Heat rely on LeBron to be their best defender, leading scorer, leading passer and leading rebounder – every single game. He leads his team in almost every single category.

And, frankly, Durant’s season has not been as groundbreaking as LeBron’s.

But this is the third year in a row that LeBron has led the Heat in scoring, rebounding and assists, so perhaps it’s become old hat to voters.

“What’s that?  LeBron isn’t missing again this year, while doing absolutely everything for his team?  Oh, well we’ve seen that before.  Isn’t somebody doing something new?”

I’m going to go off on a tangent here, but people actually started taking LeBron for granted years ago. Even when he won his 4 MVPs the majority of the population still had no idea how great LeBron actually had been – this even applies to many of his biggest fans.

I’ve always said this, and it also applies to me:  No matter how good you think LeBron is, he’s better than that.

That is how he keeps surprising us.  For example:

  • Nobody thought LeBron could win 2 MVPs AFTER joining the Heat – not with Wade and Bosh there.  I had kind of accepted the fact that 2 MVPs were more than enough and it was worth the sacrifice to start adding rings.
  • Nobody saw Game 6 vs Boston coming, though in hindsight it seems like it was inevitable.
  • LeBron’s Game 7 history suggested that he would play well in the deciding game of the finals last year, but I had no idea he was going to turn into Larry Bird and not miss a jumper.
  • Nobody thought LeBron could top his 2012 season where he won MVP, Finals MVP and a gold medal that summer – but he somehow did in 2013.
  • Did anyone think the Heat would be able to win 27 games in a row without being able to rebound?
  • I didn’t think there was any way LeBron could shoot better than the .565 he shot last year, but he did this year – and did it while making more threes.
  • I didn’t think LeBron would be a better three point shooter than Ray Allen in 2013-14, but that’s what he was.
  • Analysts like Kenny Smith told us that teams that rebound as poorly as Miami cannot repeat.  He really meant teams without LeBron James.
  • Analysts told us that teams without a 7 foot presence inside cannot win back-to-back titles.  They really meant teams without LeBron James.

So what else is going to surprise us this year?  I think Miami winning three rings in a row while being one of the worst rebounding teams in the league would do it.  Most people thought it was an impossibility – but James specializes in upsetting preconceived notions, so we’ll see.


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