Spoken late in the Heat-Bobcats broadcast:

“…if you said to me you want to vote for James, I’d vote for him too.”

“There is no wrong answer.”

Then Van Gundy The Thinner adds this (the feeling of a lot of observers):

“I hope Durant wins it, because he’s never done it.”

And people think voter fatigue isn’t playing a part in the MVP race. Naive. If James was MVP-less he may have won it over Durant just for sentimental reasons alone – the same reason Kobe Bryant won in 2008. That being said, I don’t think the race is very close at all – I think LeBron is objectively the strongest MVP candidate. But the criteria for voting is never the same year to year, or the same from voter to voter, so there are years where it’s not clear why one candidate deserves it over another.  That is going to be the case this year with Kevin Durant.


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