You might assume that someone was injured. Why else would James Jones get so many meaningful minutes in the playoffs? He played 14 minutes and scored 12 points in Game 1 vs Charlotte – for him that’s a lot.

There were times in series past where I thought specifically, “Spo needs to put Jones in.” But it never happened. This year is different. Spoelstra has been showing a Popovichian level of trust in the depth of his roster this season. And LeBron hit it on the head in this one:

“We needed a spark and BOOM…that’s big time coaching Spo.”

Big time coaching. Spo is still underrated. And maybe so is James Jones.

Every time Jones shoots I think it’s going in (perfect arc), and he was even taking challengers off the dribble in Game 1.  Coach Spoelstra obviously saw a place for Jones in this Bobcats series, so we should enjoy watching him shoot while we can, because we might not see him play in the next one.





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