2013 HEAT:
LeBron – 1st All-NBA, 1st All-Defensive
Wade – 3rd All-NBA

1996 BULLS:
Jordan – 1st All-NBA, 1st All-Defensive
Pippen – 1st All-NBA, 1st All-Defensive  <— Now THAT is “help”
Rodman – 1st All-Defensive <— 3 of the top 5 defenders on the same team!?
Kukoc – Sixth Man of the Year <— Now that’s just not fair!
Jackson – Coach of the Year <— Greatest coach of all time?

72 wins on a loaded team in a weak era is nice, but LeBron James won 27 straight games (66 overall) basically by himself in 2013.

Advantage, Lebron.


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  1. To say LeBron won 27 games in a row by himself is ridiculous. Good home, you’re drunk.


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