We’ve all been there.

Sometimes you post a reply in the comment section of a site and it doesn’t go through for whatever reason. But you like your comment, so you try to post it again, slightly altered.  That doesn’t go through either.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out exactly why; you may never know.  But a whole host of knowledge gets lost to time and space in this manner – unshared, to the detriment of humanity.

But it is morally wrong to deprive the world of the information that I have knocking around my noggin, so these errors must be rectified.

Yesterday I was gabbing on this article about LeBron, Durant and the NBA MVP award and, as usual with this particular site, most of my comments are not being displayed for my public.

So… without further ado, my comments, unshackled:



UPDATE – July 2, 2014:  How silly of me.  So I’ve figured out what the problem was.  It’s the word “passer” – it has the word ass in it.  This particular site will put all posts with offensive words – or offensive words embedded into other words – into a queue where it goes to rot and die.  It is really inconvenient for a basketball site to censor the words “passing” and “assist” and on this particular site also “Jordan.”  I have no idea why they do this.


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