Most people consider 2005-06 to be Kobe Bryant’s best season.  That’s the year he averaged 35 points per game and dropped 81 on Toronto.  He also notched his career high in Player Efficiency Rating and Win Share in 2005-06.  Lakers fans love to argue that Kobe was robbed of an MVP for this season – so it is held in very high regard.

But I’m not going to compare Kobe’s best season directly to LeBron’s best season – that would be too easy and actually less revealing.

Below we compare Kobe’s best season to LeBron’s performance from the same year


*Age at the beginning of the season
** Lower is better

Quite surprising, yes?  Even in Kobe Bryant’s best season, young LeBron James was still better than he was.

And 2005-06 is not even one of LeBron’s best seasons.


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  1. Great Stuff. Keep it coming.

  2. Man, I sure could’ve used this article earlier. I literally had to spell this out on youtube after going back and forth b/w LeBron’s BB-Ref page and Kobe’s BB-Ref page.

    Did you know Kobe’s highest eFG% (50.4%) is LeBron’s 2nd lowest? What’s crazy is it came in his 2nd season.


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