There are people out there that actually believe that the lastest pair of swipes from Ibaka to Griffin were accidental.


Ibaka is employing some old school techniques that would make Bill Laimbeer golf clap.  In this case it’s the Limp Wrist Punch.

The Limp Wrist Punch:  This is where Ibaka makes his hand go limp while he tries to hit you with the back of his wrist. This is done so it doesn’t look intentional upon review. And when you view one of these plays on its own you may be inclined to think, “Well, he didn’t ball up his hand into a fist so it probably was an accident.  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.”

But these plays are not accidents.


And where have we seen Ibaka’s wrist punch before?


He broke LeBron’s nose with it.

So is Serge Ibaka dirty? Of course.  Is he doing all of these things intentionally? Abso-fucking-lutely.



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