It seems like Sir Charles is an Antistratfordicator.

The Round Mound was on Inside the NBA last night parroting simple Antistratfordianisms about why LeBron James should probably win the MVP award every single year.

Charles Barkley:

He has to play at such a high level. I mean, you think about it Ernie, he – uh, Michael Jordan is the greatest I’ve ever seen, Larry Bird was great, Magic was great, Scottie Pippen was a great player, Shaq was a great player, Kenny was a good player, everybody – I’ve never seen, in my 30 years in the NBA, a star have to do as much.


Think, he’s their best rebounder. Michael Jordan didn’t have to be the best rebounder. He didn’t get all the assists. But LeBron has to get all their rebounds, he has to score most of their baskets, he’s their assist leader and he has to guard the other team’s best player. We’ve never had a player in the NBA who had – who was under that much pressure.


And Kenny Smith agreed with Chuck in this exchange which immediately followed the quote above:


Have you ever seen a star have to do as much for his team?


I’ve seen a star do as much for his team. 

But I haven’t… [pause]… it wasn’t always as necessary as LeBron’s. 

But when Hakeem had those runs, when Shaq had those runs…


But he wasn’t ya’ll leading assist guy. 

He didn’t guard the other team’s best player.


He led us in about 6, 7 categories. 

But he didn’t do it throughout the whole year. 

Right, for 82 and the playoffs – no. 

LeBron does it for 82 and the playoffs.

So people do seem to grasp the reality of how much more LeBron has to do each night compared to anyone else in the league (though it may take some prodding), but they clearly don’t appreciate it, because LeBron’s MVP was stolen anyway.

As Ginuwine would say, “there it is, that ungrateful sh-t.”




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