What a shame.

LeBron set career highs in playoff FG% (.565), 3PT% (.407) and FT% (.806), and he did phenomenally well in PER (31.1), WS (4.3) and WS/48 (.270) – leading the league in all three – but the Heat supported that in the Finals with feeble efforts from Wade, Chalmers and Bosh.

A crying shame.

His 56/40/80 shooting percentages are actually unmatched in playoff history for anyone who has played at least 10 playoff games and attempted more than 10 threes:


And here’s where James’ playoff season ranks among players who have posted a PER over 30.0 and started at least 10 playoff games:

A low down dirty shame.

James was obviously going HAM.  His true desire for a three-peat is showing up here in these stats quite emphatically.

But there is a similar stat that implies the opposite from his teammates…

2013-14 NBA Finals PER:

1. LeBron: 32.24
2. Mills: 28.23
3. Leonard: 24.96
4. Splitter: 19.91
5. Duncan: 19.71
6. Green: 18.96
7. Ginobili: 18.81
8. Bosh: 15.98
9. Parker: 15.68
10. Lewis: 12.92
11. Diaw: 12.16
12. Allen: 12.14
13. Belinelli: 11.85
14. Wade: 11.59
15. Andersen: 6.64


Really, Wade?

That makes LeBron’s 2011 Mavs series look exemplary.

And I know what you’re wondering – where the hell is Mario Chalmers!?  He’s off the scale in the wrong direction at…


In any case…

I was watching Game 5 with my brother and at some point in the 4th he said, “Looks like Wade is about to get tWaded.”

I chuckled and thought that this was about the best contribution Wade had made all series.


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