It was worth the wait.  Many were complaining about how long LeBron was taking to make a decision, and he couldn’t have ended the speculation in a better way.

I’m floored.  Speechless.  Gobsmacked.

And that’s even when I expected it to happen.  But apparently there is a difference between expecting something to happen and it actually happening.

I did not expect to feel the way I do now when I posted “LeBack!” yesterday.  It’s an odd feeling.  Is it jubilation?  It’s like there has been an open wound for four years and it’s finally healing.  Or maybe it’s like being constipated for a long time and finally being able to relieve yourself.  I can’t really explain it.  It’s joy, excitement, pride, sadness and longing all mixed into one feeling.

But LeBron’s essay touched me.  It was a bona fide tearjerker.  It was very well written and well done.  It was perfect, in other words.

And what a way to get back into the good graces of America.  In one letter LeBron James has completely rehabilitated his image.  In fact, he did something more than that – I think he has more national support now than he’s ever had.  He will be even more loved in Cleveland now than he was before “The Decision.”

It is all just very unreal.  Maybe just a month ago this was considered impossible.  I guess KG was right.

Yesterday, when I was outlining a few reasons why LeBron going back to Cleveland made so much sense, I listed mostly basketball reasons.  I wasn’t diving deep enough into LeBron’s head.  I was only thinking about his choices as a basketball player, and not as a human being.  In hindsight I should’ve known that it was going to be much more personal than that.

I’ll try to do better next time.

For now, I’m going to sit around with a “what the hell am I supposed to do now” feeling and wonder what the hell I’m supposed to do now.

There was an intense build up – and a satisfying finish – and now what?

I guess I should just lay back and float in the contrails of rapture and have my wife make me a sandwich.


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