A gentleman going by the name of Kyle Wagner published some bullshit on Deadspin recently about D.Wade being D.ead.

Here’s the name’s face:


His article is getting a lot of attention, but Kyle’s analysis is fundamentally flawed and, I suspect, purposely deceitful.  Careful deception should probably be expected when you’re reading a hit piece about a Heat player tagged: CRYAMI WEAKS.

The most glaring issue is his arbitrary cut-off height of 6-5. Of course, Kyle did that because it keeps Kobe and MJ out of his article, and his headline doesn’t work if those two are in it.  He might argue that players shorter than 6-6 have to work harder, but that wouldn’t fly because Kobe is actually shorter than 6-6 – he said he was around 6-4 on a few different occasions – and he also has notoriously bad knees.

Another major issue is a lack of Jerry West (6’2). The Logo didn’t make it through Basketball-Reference’s finder for Kyle because one of the things he filters for is a usage percentage of at least 20, and the site doesn’t store usage percentage data for West, so he doesn’t come up. Tiny Mr. West was great all the way up until he retired at 35.

Another guy that fell through the cracks was Clyde Drexler. He didn’t make it because he’s listed at 6-7.  Drexler couldn’t shoot very well but wasn’t too bad after 32 either.

So that means ALL of the top 5 greatest SGs in history were excluded except for one.

That certainly helps when you’re trying to argue that the one remaining is about to fall off the face of the earth.

Yes, the other SG who belongs in the top 5 is Dwyane Wade. I actually have Dwyane in the top 3.

Wade's jumper was impressive in 2013-14.

Wade’s jumper was impressive in 2013-14.

Kyle’s article is particularly annoying because he calls the players who were returned by his search (i.e. Steve Francis, Gilbert Arenas, Rod Strickland, etc.) “The Wade-comp group”, when the real comp group for Wade is MJ, Kobe & West – who all continued playing at a high level after 32.

Now, one might say, “anti, MJ, Logo and Mamba could shoot.”

Yes, that is the perception, but MJ was just as reluctant a three point shooter as Wade, and they have very similar career 3PT% averages (.294 vs .289) when you exclude the years the 3PT line was moved 18 inches closer (1995 to 1997). And Wade had a very good midrange jumper this year – posting the best jumper accuracy of his career (.449) which is more accurate than Kobe Bryant’s career high jumper percentage of .425.

So, essentially, Kyle Wagner is arguing that the numbers MJ, Kobe, West and Drexler put up after age 32 couldn’t have happened because guys like Stephon Marbury and Latrell Sprewell didn’t play well after 32.



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