Chillin' like a villain with a Brazilian tryna make a billion.

Chillin’ like a villain with a Brazilian tryna make a billion.

The Heatles have broken up so I guess that makes Anderson Varejao the new Yoko Ono.

No, not really, but in a strange twist of fate, Cleveland is now the new Chosen One.

I wouldn’t normally post pictures this high up on the TMZ scale, but this is a special case.  I don’t know what it is about these photos of James and Varejao, but they warm my heart, so I know Clevelanders have got to be going gaga over all of it.

But I wonder if they’re hard for Wade to look at.  “Fuck that flopper.”  Maybe?

LeBron’s old mate Andy seems to be quite excited about recent developments.

This is Varejao from The Doug Gottlieb Show:

I could not believe it. I was so happy. I was so excited. The first thing I did was tell everybody. I told my dad, my wife. I’m so happy for him. I’m so happy for Cleveland. I’m so happy for myself. I’m still shocked.

What Varejao says after that is surprising – he loves himself some Cleveland.

Through all those years, I had so many people in my head trying to tell me I should leave Cleveland because Cleveland was done, that I could not win a championship in Cleveland, that it was a rebuilding process, that I should go somewhere else to try to help a team win a championship. I had so many people in my head. I was always telling them that Cleveland was home for me, that I love Cleveland, that I would never ask Cleveland to trade me.

And contenders wanted him.  Miami could’ve used him.  But he wouldn’t budge.  Good for him because he’s about to be rewarded for his loyalty.

I’m in Cleveland now, LeBron’s coming back and everything changed.  So now people are telling me that I did the right thing. So I’m just happy that I didn’t leave and I’m happy I’m still in Cleveland. I think everything happens for a reason. Maybe that’s why I got hurt. Maybe that’s why Cleveland didn’t trade me. [Because] LeBron’s coming back.

That’s a good way to look at it.  “Everything happens for a reason” is always a good stress reliever.

I’m not saying we’re going to win, but I’m going to tell you that we’re going to have a pretty good chance to win a championship for Cleveland.

I think so too!


Both are so excited ’cause they’re reunited, hey, hey…


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  1. After reading a couple of your articles Im shocked. Your either mental or just a troll I cant honestly figure wich one I think you are. All I can say is that I feel very sorry for you if you actually think Lebron is even close to be jordanesque ITS NOT IN HIS NATURE, Lebron has never or will never be a killer he dont have that instinct. 6 finals 6 finals MVP 6 RINGS NEVER LOST A FINALE. Do you get the difference here?
    Now it might seem like im a LeBron hater wich im not im a Lebron fan but reading your articles I cant help getting mad cause at this moment in his career Lebron has to take huge steps IN TERMS OF WINNING nothing else he got nothing else to prove. (like all the best players in history they dont need to prove anything more in term of skill etc its all about making YOUR TEAM WIN nothing else. NOT PER and all the stats you keep brining up which either assure me you either dont know a thing about whats its all about or if your just mentally retarded OR like is stated before a troll.

    • Please. Call me when Jordan leads a championship team in scoring, rebounding and assists. He hasn’t even done that once. LeBron has done it twice already.

      Or as Royce Young of ESPN once said:

      “Nothing strange about thinking LeBron might be better than Jordan. Only one of them could play five positions.”

      Or as Alonzo Mourning said of his conversation with Pippen about LBJ vs MJ:

      “I’m gonna tell you what Scottie said. Scottie said that LeBron would kick MJ’s ass. And I said, ‘Scottie, you’re right.’”

      Sure, MJ was 6 for 6 in the finals, but he also lost in the first round 3 times. It’s not like he was undefeated in the playoffs. He wasn’t even undefeated during his championship run – he lost in the 2nd round in 1995.

      He was fortunate to play in an era weakened by expansion, surrounded by hall of fame talent in Phil Jackson and Scottie Pippen for the bulk of his career.

      Plus, as we saw in 1995, look what happened when MJ didn’t have an All-Defensive caliber PF playing with him and Scottie… 2nd round out.

      As we know with LeBron, if his PF goes down, he can jump right into that PF spot and turn into the best PF in the league. That is probably the one thing that will always keep LeBron on a higher level than Jordan. It’s an argument Jordan can never win.

  2. Tools like you only make the general assumption of LeBron worse. To honestly say hes better than Jordan are just plain wrong in so many ways its actually provokes more than anything else, and makes you look like a completely idiot and this is coming from a long time Lebron fan…….To compare him to the mamba are more justified and so forth and im in the same boat I do think Lebron are better than Kobe in everything BESIDES killer instinct. Lebron misses one thing to make him right up there, he has to win it on his own (and not a 3 from ray allen) etc I want him to not want the ball but force the ball to him and just sink a the shot to win whatever crazy shot it it. Thats what it takes for him to become what you AND ME both want him to become thats just the truth,
    beacuse when it comes to talent etc noone can really match him and he obv have nothing else to prove in that regard. So dont hide behind stupid PER etc players at this level know its not about that, they could all buff it if that was the thing who was important, but they all know it isnt, its about doing whatever to win if that is to utilize your teammates in sick ways or doing sick stuff on your own it doesnt matter what matter is winning in whatever shape, form doesnt matter. So since all I can find in your articles is stats comparing Lebron to jordan where lebron looks good what about the ones that count? Heck we could argue that Durant is the best player in the history since hes scoring % first seasons are pretty sick and the list goes on and on heck we could even make MELO look good vs jordan if we really tried, you see why you fail so hard in what you try to do when your doing it the way you do leaving out everyone which really matter tahts why I honestly cant tell if your trolling or just are mentally retarded.

    And remember this coming from a die hard Lebron fan since he joined the league i’ve been routing for him and excuse me for my bad english (im not a native english speaker)

    • Well you’re wrong on a lot of levels. LeBron’s killer instinct is also superior to Kobe’s. You can read all about that here on this blog! Numbers don’t lie.

      And you cannot argue that Durant is the best player in history. For one thing he’s never made an All-Defensive team. He’s at best an average defender. That alone leaves him out of the conversation.

      So you do not seem fully prepared to enter into a debate with someone like me about the merits of LeBron James as Greatest of All Time if you’re going to come here and say something ridiculous like, “Heck we could argue that Durant is the best player in the history.”

      And you may be a die hard LeBron fan, but I’m a die hard MJ fan – which makes my point of view on LeBron that much more convincing. I’m not some person who hates Jordan or didn’t watch Jordan. I loved Jordan then as much as I love LeBron now. LeBron is just a better player – no offense to Jordan – he’s still the 2nd best player of all time, which is not a small thing.

      And please, if you’re going to comment here, I’m going to have to ask you to stop using offensive and derogatory terms like “retarded” which to me is no different than saying the F word (Fa**ot) or the N word.

  3. the argument jordan can never win you say? You just seem twisted, if your arguing Lebron is the best talent that ever played the game I WOULD AGREE totally he is but what you fail understand its other things who factor in and you are fooling yourself in more ways than one if you actually believe yourself that hes BETTER than jordan not talented beacuse I actually agree that he is more talented (in term of phsyical) than jordan but cmon thats all it is too.

    ”As we know with LeBron, if his PF goes down, he can jump right into that PF spot and turn into the best PF in the league. That is probably the one thing that will always keep LeBron on a higher level than Jordan. It’s an argument Jordan can never win.” Did you watch the NBA back then?

    Jordan dominated the league SO HARD throughout his career so why would that even be a argument.? Your reaching and even you have it.
    The only thing I can say to that is that I hope you understand even tho you wont: The fact is that Jordan dominated the league more than james HAS BEEN able to do and the story is to be continued….

  4. Lets put it simple and leave the BS out, Jordan dominated the league more than James HAS BEEN able to do YET and the story is to be continued lets agree on that and just enjoy a incredible athlete meanwhile:)

    • He’s not just more talented than Jordan. He’s better than Jordan. One LeBron James can do the combined job of Jordan, Pippen and Grant. When the Bulls lost MJ to retirement in 1993-94, they only lost their best scorer (Pippen was their best passer and best defender, Grant was their best rebounder). They were able to replace Jordan with Pete Meyers and barely miss a beat. When a team loses LeBron they lose their best scorer, their best passer, their best rebounder and their best defender.

      LeBron, on his own, can win over 65 games and take a team to the NBA Finals. He’s done it.

      Jordan, on his own, only piloted very bad teams. Jordan, on his own, has no chance of ever making the NBA Finals – in any era. That’s just the limitation of his style. He was obsessed with scoring, so that made his solo teams easier to beat. He was smaller, so he was easier to push around in the paint. His smaller size also meant he wasn’t able to make up any front court deficiencies by himself like LeBron does. Again, that’s just an argument Jordan will always lose.

      Jordan just never had the ability to positively affect the game in all of the ways LeBron James can. One, LeBron is bigger and stronger so he can cover more responsibilities on the court. Two, when Lebron does switch to PG or PF or C, he’s still elite at those positions. Three, he’s so much more unselfish, and such a gifted passer, that he makes his average teammates more dangerous than Jordan could.

      Jordan had to be coaxed into being unselfish by Jackson. If Jackson never got Jordan to play more like LeBron, Jordan would’ve never won anything.

      That’s what makes LeBron a better player and not just a more physically talented one.


      So Michael Jordan absolutely needs Pippen and Grant/Rodman and ESPECIALLY Phil Jackson, just to make it out of the Eastern Conference Finals.

      LeBron can make it out of the Eastern Conference Finals with Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden as his #2 and #3 guys.

      Here, read what Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim had to say about all of this back in 2012:

      “But what I think people miss the boat on; he took Cleveland to the Finals. And when he left they finished last didn’t they? That means he elevated them what? 28 places? To me, that’s more of an achievement than taking a really good team like the Lakers with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal… if Kobe Bryant didn’t play on the Lakers they would’ve finished in the top 5, right? Well, they won the championship, so Kobe elevated them 4 or 5 places. LeBron elevated a team 28 PLACES! So I think you have to look at that when you determine how good a player is and how valuable he is. It’s not just championships.”

      According to what we saw from the Bulls in 1994, Jordan elevated that Chicago team about 5 or 6 places.

      Boeheim continues:

      “They always say a guy can guard five positions… I’ve never seen that. I’ve heard about it. But this guy can guard five guys. He can guard your center, he can guard your small forward, big forward, point guard, two guard. You put him on anybody and he can guard them.”

      “I’ve always thought Michael Jordan was the best player that I’ve ever seen. I always have and and I didn’t think it was close. I’m not so sure any more. And I love Michael Jordan. I’m not so sure anymore.”

      Or what about what Clyde Drexer said recently when asked where he would put LeBron James among the likes of Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson:

      “I wouldn’t put anyone ahead of him. He’s that good.”

      Or what about what Pat Riley said of LeBron:

      “Over these 46 years, I’ve had an opportunity to see some great players — and all the ones I’ve observed, watched and have seen, they’ve always gotten better. In my humble opinion, I believe the man right here is the best of them all.”

      That’s the guy who hung Jordan’s jersey in his arena.

      So, you may think I’m crazy, “retarded” or trolling – but there are Hall of Famers who agree with me.

      It’s time for you to step back and get some perspective. Your mind is still clouded by the many myths of MJ.

  5. Okei sir I tink I’ve gotten enough, your entitled to your opinion i guess even to its so twisted. Some poeple values different things in life I suppose, some is about winning some is not;)

    • I value truth.

      And you want to talk about winning? Jordan played 5 seasons without Pippen. All of them were losing seasons. Couldn’t make the playoffs in two of them, couldn’t get out of the first round in the other three.

      If Jordan is such a superior winner why couldn’t he get out of the 1st round before he had the support of Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen?

      In 11 years, LeBron still has never had the kind of elite defensive support that Pippen gave Jordan – and LeBron still made it to the Finals 5 times and won twice!!!

      LeBron can take any shitty team deep into the playoffs because he can cover so many responsibilities by himself. Jordan couldn’t.

      That is the truth. Some people don’t want to accept the truth because it’s painful. Jordan is a childhood hero to many and it’s hard for people to let go of that regardless of what they’re presented with. This is what truth is up against.

      So I will leave you with a quote from philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer:

      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      Society is fast approaching stage three when it comes to LeBron being the Greatest of All Time.

  6. ”That’s the guy who hung Jordan’s jersey in his arena.” wow arent you adorable, in case you didnt notice thats the same man who was HIS GM;)

  7. stretch and be more ignorant atleast now i know your not trolling your just yeah….wthatever hf man

    • I love passionate opinions. You’re free to come here and disagree and call me whatever you want, just steer clear of the derogatory terms.

      I’m only at version 10 with these comparisons. But I plan to go all the way to 100 eventually if I can. So I’m just getting started here.

  8. Lets test your way of approaching thing.

    ”If Jordan is such a superior winner why couldn’t he get out of the 1st round before he had the support of Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen?” Why was it that LeBron couldnt win 1 ring without not 1 hall of famer, 3 AND 4 Hall of Famers?:P This is all you do, see how easy it is to question that way and make your statement look valid (when their not even slightly valid)

    Your stretching and you know it the sad part is you wont admit it which brings me to the question why something is up with you, like seriously get it together. And as for to come back youd have to either stop trolling and be serious for me to consider that my friend;) Now have fun on your own again I will delete this page from my logg so I dont need to get frustrated with your trolling, haha have fun

    • You’re trying to make getting out of the first round equivalent to winning a ring. They’re not.

      Jordan needed hall of fame help just to get out of the first round.

      LeBron only needed hall of fame help to win a ring.

      You can’t see the difference there? It’s pretty clear.

      So you’ve missed the point.

      LeBron has already proven that he could take a team of abject scrubs all the way to the NBA Finals. So forget about Hall of Fame help, he didn’t even have All-Star help!!

      LeBron went to the finals and won 60+ games without any kind of Hall of Fame help whatsoever.

      Jordan has never proven that he could do the same thing. He could never field a competitive team without hall of fame help on the sidelines and on the roster with him. Every time he had the opportunity, his teams were just terrible.

      Major difference.

      And LeBron took the likes of Mike Brown and Erik Spoelstra to the Finals FIVE times. He didn’t need the greatest coach of all time to teach how how to play winning basketball. LeBron was born with the ability to play winning basketball. He does it innately. He doesn’t have to be coerced into it like Jordan.

  9. ‘LeBron was born with the ability to play winning basketball. He does it innately. He doesn’t have to be coerced into it like Jordan.” Thank you, now I atleast definitely know your trolling 😉 hehe

    • That isn’t trolling. You’re forgetting about what Jordan was like when he first came into the league. He wasn’t a winner. He was a selfish gunner who lost a lot – who people thought would never win a title unless he changed.

      Here was Bill Cartwright talking about it in 1990:

      ”I’ve got one fear, it’s that I’m going to play all this time in the league and come so close and never get a ring. I only want to win. Michael’s got so much talent and can do so much for this team, but I keep thinking he’s going to keep us all from it unless he changes.”

      Even Jordan himself once said this in the 80s:

      “I thought of myself first, the team second. I always wanted my teams to be successful, but I wanted to be the main cause.”

      Phil Jackson changed Jordan and turned him into a winner by getting him to play more like LeBron James. You don’t want to hear that, but it’s the truth.

      Here’s Scottie Pippen’s take during the 1991 playoffs:

      ”You can tell M.J. has more confidence in everyone. And I’d have to say it’s come just in these playoffs. He’s playing team ball and for the first time I can say he’s not going out there looking to score. He seems to have the feeling, and we all seem to, really, that if we play together everyone can help.”

      So it’s no coincidence that this is when MJ’s teams started winning – when he started to be more unselfish.

      Why would you think it’s “trolling” for me to say that Jordan was born more of a selfish gunner and LeBron was born with more fundamentally sound winning basketball concepts (unselfish, team basketball) innate to his game? That’s an absolute fact that wouldn’t be denied by any basketball historian.


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