How many times has “it’s only right” been said about LeBron going back to #23? I tweeted about LeBron’s number change twice and I said “it’s only right” both times.

It guess it IS only right!

I was rooting for him to go with #23. He shouldn’t have to run from it just because another player wore it. Michael Jordan doesn’t own any number. Besides, several greats wore #6 as well and it was kind of insulting to guys like Russell and Dr. J that LeBron said no one should wear #23 but then go ahead and dawn #6. Going back to #23 is a good way to make it up to them.

Also, a lot of younger people who never saw Michael Jordan play don’t associate #23 with him. As Bradley Beal once noted:

I never watched Michael Jordan growing up. I grew up, ‘23’ was LeBron. I always knew about Michael Jordan, but I can’t necessarily model myself after him. I always admired LeBron and the way he played all the time when he was in Cleveland.

If James plays his cards right he can be the best player to wear #6 and #23.


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