According to Maverick Carter, Wade and Bron still talk daily – he also recently said, “they’ll be friends forever.” But they’re also ultra competitors. So this is what you’d expect from a competitor.

We should be in for some exciting games between the Heat and Cavs.

I remember a few of the final games between LeBron and Wade before they teamed up in 2010. Both were kind of epic.

In this first one Bron had 34/4/7 and Wade had 36/4/5. A lot of back and forth action. The Cavs won, but it gave us this all-time classic posterization from Wade:

The very next Cavs-Heat matchup that season gave us one thrilling ending.

Miami up 91-90 with 6 seconds left. Wade is bringing the ball up being defended by LeBron and he decides to get cute with a behind-the-back pass. LBJ steals it, goes the length of the floor, and gets fouled in the act with 4 seconds left. James drains both free throws. Cleveland wins 92-91.

Another angle from a fan’s perspective – gives you a good feel of the atmosphere.

What a mistake by Wade!

What a defensive play by Bron!

I thought Wade sealed that game with his block on LeBron with around 29 seconds remaining. But as Chris Webber said, you gotta run through the tape!

Good stuff all around. I can’t wait for more from these guys.


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