So Mario Chalmers told the Kansas City Star that he views this upcoming season as an opportunity to finally have his own team…


Now I know Rio is known for his “confidence”, but has got to be trolling.

He did manage to say a few things that sounded lucid and sensible:

He was a mentor to me; somebody that I was very close with. Somebody that I still am very close with.  You can’t replace a guy like that.  It’s a different challenge that we got to face, but we’re ready for it.

Now, for some reason, out of all the returning Heat players, Chalmers has been getting the most criticism from Heat fans.  I think all of their repressed frustration over Wade’s Finals performance is getting dumped on him – Wade being untouchable in Wade County, especially in the summer of #HeatLifer.

So Heat Nation seems to have assumed LeBron’s old role and have taken to yelling at Rio, essentially blaming him for everything that was wrong with Miami last year.

It’s incredibly unfair.  Rio is just a role player and he only goes out there and plays his game whenever his number is called – and as far as I could tell he was only doing what he always does.  Which isn’t much.  But we know what Rio is.  We know what Rio brings.  He’s very consistent with the humble amount he brings, so you can’t really attack him for only bringing that; but that seems to be what’s happening.

Shame on him for not being Russell Westbrook!  The audacity of him to go out there and not be Stephen Curry!

So, yeah, I’m saying Rio is currently underrated.  No, I’m not saying he’s a good point guard, but I think I’m saying that he’s not THAT bad.


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