The 2015-16 Dunk Contest was almost perfect.  Almost.

Somehow, Zach LaVine was able to defeat Aaron Gordon with inferior dunks.  Oddly enough, this happened once before, in the mid-80s, between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins (Wilkins deserved the trophy in Chicago, but, alas, it was in Chicago).

The strange thing about all of this, of course, is that the Nique-Jordan dunk contest and today’s Gordon-LaVine dunk contest were probably the two best battles in history.  Yet in each case the wrong guy won.

In any case, Air Gordon (he deserves to be able to borrow from Air Jordan after that display) put on the best individual show I’ve seen since perhaps Vince Carter.


Gordon’s ridiculous third dunk.  This is when things started to get surreal.

And Zach LaVine, unbelievably, was able to keep up with Gordon – going back and forth with 50s on first attempt dunks.

My main objection to this contest was that Gordon had a dunk that deserved more than 50.  And he deserved to win the contest on that dunk alone.  I’ve never seen anything like it in an NBA dunk contest.  It was really THAT special.

The downer of the night, though, was LaVine getting a 50 on his last dunk.  He was trying to dunk from the free throw line (again) but missed it by quite a bit, and went with a typical sort of dunk in the process.  And somehow, the judges felt justified in giving LaVine’s last dunk the same score as Gordon’s impossible under-both-legs dunk.


This effort deserved a 60.

So since the judges got it wrong, I’m going to get it right.

Aaron Gordon, I speak for millions of fans when I say that you are my 2015-16 NBA Dunk Champion.

You and Dominique Wilkins should go out and have a beer tonight.




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