How fitting.  LeBron was already the only player in NBA history to average at least 27/7/7 per game for his career, and then last week he became the only player to accumulate at least 27000 points/7000 rebounds/7000 assists. LeBron is actually the only player in NBA history to total at least 27000 points and 7000 assists, […]

The one LBJ-Day article that irritated me to no end was “God Loves Cleveland” from Bill Simmons. I don’t know why Simmons chose LBJ-Day to start a Jordan-LeBron debate – it was a day of forgiveness, good feelings and warmsies and fuzzies – he should’ve understood what Ira Winderman did and respected that it wasn’t the right time. […]

This is an addition to a previous installment (v0.2: Bulls After MJ). It was inspired by a comment below it left by a reader, James. Sir James had this to say: “The only thing I will say about the Jordan Postretirement season is look at who the Bulls added when Jordan left. Chicago added Toni Kukoc, […]

Joe Cowley, Chicago Sun-Times, June 10, 2014: “…Jordan would have wilted if he played under the same scrutiny James does. No athlete has been as polarizing as James has been for the last five years, but we haven’t seen one gambling receipt, nor have we read anything about marital discord. Jordan should be thankful he […]

In Eleven Rings Phil Jackson praised Michael Jordan’s career Field Goal Percentage (49.7 percent) which he called “extraordinary” and boasted about how it was sometimes in the 53 and 54 percent range. Well I wonder what he thinks about what LeBron has done recently. James has somehow achieved a whole load of remarkable things related to scoring accuracy […]

Teams that have advanced to at least 4 consecutive NBA Finals: 1959-1966 Boston Celtics 1982-1985 Los Angeles Lakers 1984-1987 Boston Celtics 2011-2014 Miami Heat Teams that have advanced to at least 4 consecutive NBA Finals, and won back-to-back titles in the process: 1959-1966 Boston Celtics 2011-2014 Miami Heat  

Points Per Shot – Career Average: 1. LeBron James:  1.38 2. Michael Jordan*:  1.35 3. Kobe Bryant**:  1.29 *only includes Jordan’s years as a Chicago Bull **only includes Kobe’s years as a starter Points Per Shot – Career High: 1. LeBron James: 1.54 (2014) 2. Michael Jordan: 1.46 (1989) 3. Kobe Bryant: 1.38 (2007) Points […]