How fitting.  LeBron was already the only player in NBA history to average at least 27/7/7 per game for his career, and then last week he became the only player to accumulate at least 27000 points/7000 rebounds/7000 assists. LeBron is actually the only player in NBA history to total at least 27000 points and 7000 assists, […]

So the Finals just ended about a week ago, so let’s stay on that tack. I took the time to compare LeBron’s career Finals PERs to Kobe’s (and MJ), and in the process whipped up a few charts.  And why not? Sports and charts go together like Photoshop and After Effects. And for those who […]

The Versatility of LeBron James The Versatility of Kobe Bryant Marble Rape Bronze Rape Impersonating An Officer Rape Prison Rape Pedestrian Underpass Rape Butter Rape

Most people consider 2005-06 to be Kobe Bryant’s best season.  That’s the year he averaged 35 points per game and dropped 81 on Toronto.  He also notched his career high in Player Efficiency Rating and Win Share in 2005-06.  Lakers fans love to argue that Kobe was robbed of an MVP for this season – so it is held […]

Every player that has led the league in Win Share* since 1984, and the number of seasons they led: Michael Jordan – 9 LeBron James – 5 Shaquille O’Neal – 2 Larry Bird – 2 David Robinson – 2 Karl Malone – 2 Tim Duncan – 2 Kevin Garnett – 2 Dirk Nowitzki – 2 Chris Paul […]

Phil Jackson, Eleven Rings, pg. 285: “Michael was a more accurate shooter than Kobe.  He averaged nearly 50 percent from the field during his career—an extraordinary figure— and was often in the 53 percent to 54 percent range during his prime.  Kobe averages a respectable 45 percent.” Michael Jordan Career FG%:  .497 (career high .539) […]

PLAYOFFS, CAREER, UNDER 10 SECONDS, GAME WINNING SHOTS:  LeBron James: 5/10 – 50%  Michael Jordan: 6/13 – 46% Carmelo Anthony: 1/4 – 25% Kobe Bryant: 3/14 – 21%  Kevin Durant: 1/5 – 20% Notes: The last time Kobe made a game winner in the playoffs was six years ago (2008). The last time Kobe made […]